Christmas is here again

Christmas is here again
(Lag / texti: Elín Halldórsdóttir)

I watch the snowflakes falling on the ground.
As they fly by my window one by one.
As sweet and sour as it may sound.
I don‘t feel like celebrating this year round.

A year of losses, changes and resorts.
Many friends are counting all their loss.
The sacred earth is calling out.
Please listen, it starts to get real loud.

But Christmas is here again,
the lights shine on the tree.
Another cup of coffee,
I wish all this I could flee.
I have to get real
I cant afford it this year.
Remember that Christmas is here,
lets be together, forever.

Hallelujah, hallelujah,
Hallelujah, hallelujah.


The pain of sorrow and sadness brings me down.
Griefing fallen souls no peace I‘ve found.
A year of struggles, loss and pain.
I don‘t feel there is anything to gain.


[af smáskífunni Elín Halldórsdóttir – Christmas is here again]